Tuesday, 31 May 2011



On Sunday Hank , Rob & I left for Rumst where we met up with Gill, Tom , Mystic Al , de Professor ,Jelle & Miss Wood to go to the Speedshops spring meeting.
On the way there we passed by Fara's new shop & then on to the Spring Meeting of the Speedshop and to end it all a BBQ at Jan's place another perfect day.




Monday, 30 May 2011

Sunday, 29 May 2011


Gill & I were invited to the Garage Maniacs BBQ so on Saturday we took the road direction Hank .Mr Stormtrooper finally got his license plate and came to pic up his sportster for here maiden voyage .
Oli took the exit and Gill & I where making good progress untill a few mills before the bother of Holland that I noticed a black BMW with red & blue lights and siriens next to us and making signals that we had to go to the side of the road.
Officer Deuce and Captian Bag got out of the car which resulted in the following conversation.
O.D: Papers please:
Me: Sorry officer forgot them home.
O.D: So how do I know the bike is not stolen?
Me : It is not officer,
O.D: where is your front brake?
Me: Don't have one.
O.D: where is you rear view mirror
Me: Don't have one.
O.D: where are your turn signals
Me: Don't have any
O.D: where is your speedo meter
Me: Don't have one
O.D: you're front light is of a bicycle and is it working by the way.
Me :yes it is, watch, oeps sorry it just broke
O.D: I will write a ticket and you can not drive that bike any further.
Then he gave me a lecture on the % of breaking power of the front and rear brake.
And how irresponsible we where ride bikes like ours.
Me: Ok I will call my girlfriend to come and pic us up.
Meanwhile the same conversation takes place between Gill and Captian Bag.
We also had to take a breathalyzer test both of us where Save.
After getting the ticket Officer Duece and Captian bag left us there on the side of the road.
We waited for Aline arrived with the van, the 2 bikes went in we drove across the border into Holland took the first exit, took out the 2 bikes thanked the girlfriend for smuggling us over the border and on our way we where.
We made it to Hank without any other further problems.Met a lot of new friends and old ones.
On the way back once in Belgium we stayed clear of the highway to make sure we wouldn't be greeted by those 2 coppers and have our bikes confiscated.
This whole thing resulted in me having a paranoia everytime I see a black BMW
Thanks to the Garage Maniacs for inviting us and to Aline for coming to pic us up.
Olie's Sporty

Gill & I
Ready for the ride out

It took us to a local harley Club fest
Shovel Chopper of the host Eric


Gill with a new gastank on the sporty
Nice Trump Chopper

Frank's Pan
Full Dresser

Another nice Trump Chopper
The owner of the Trump
Knuckle Power

Smoke out
Rene's Iron

Gill & I
Camp fire

Sik : always fun to kick start a bike while 20 people are watching
Breaking the Law

Saturday, 28 May 2011


Went to see this yesterday; funny as HELL!!!!!

Friday, 27 May 2011


Lately we've been blessed with weekends full of sunshine , so Gill , Pascal , David & I decided to take the road.We meet up at the Professor we where later joined by Rob.
Another day well spend
The shovel & Gill's Sporty
On the Road

A little Beer Brake in Lokeren
Gill & Pascal leaving for Gent
Rob & I on the way back to Antwerp