Sunday, 11 January 2009

Iron Heart 634S 21oz. Motorcycle Denim

I'll been posting some denim related stuff .
As Turbo Negro would say: I'm a Denim Demon.
Got this from Selectism.

Iron Heart 634S 21oz. Motorcycle Denim

I was recently in a position to put my current pair of denim on the shelf for the winter. Unfortunately, as amazing as they broke in after a good six month run in them, they simply were not warm enough to hold me over for what feels like the Tundra up here in New England. On top of that, they needed some repairs as well.

So I decided to stray from my usual options and looked for new denim that was not only heavier in weight but was also promoted as being “indestructible.” I mean, come on, nothing is indestructible. But Self Edge in SF promised that they had what I needed in the Iron Heart 634S - a 21oz. heavy weight straight fit selvedge denim from Japan that is made for motorcycle riders. By their nature, the denim is both warm and unexpectedly soft. This is unlike most raw selvedge. The soft finish comes from the Zimbabwe Cotton used to construct the Iron Hearts as well as the looming technique. I also love the ridiculously thick leather patch.

At the end of the day, they’re incredibly warm which is really what I needed. The Iron Hearts did not come cheap, but they have paid themselves forward. My thermometer is now set few notches down. That’s savings, my friends.

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