Monday, 12 April 2010


Went to London for a long weekend with the Missus,
First stop on friday was my friend Ian shop the garbstore which is an amazing shop with lots of good products.Go over there when you are in London
Bought this book on a market in the east-end
Flower market near brick lane
This was chisseled out of the wall Brick Lane
Had some Fish&Chips here , the rock& sole place near Covent Garden
American Classics is a good little shop to go and buy some denim pants and red wing shoes also in Covent Garden
The Cross Keys is a very nice pub just in front of American Classics,
Me & the Missus inside the Cross Keys
On the market east end, food everywhere

At the dinner in Shoreditch tasted a few different beers

At the airport I realised I didn't had a Guinness to drink the hole weekend so last call just before boarding.

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