Monday, 3 May 2010


Pushed the bike in the car to go to the ironpit to figure out my electrical mess on the bike and t the midcontrole situation.
After 10 min of looking at the electrials we figured out it would be easier if I just made a new one.
Took some pic of the progress on Robs bike how's near to completion.

In the afternoon we went to Ace Cafe's Rumble in Rumst, there where less people that last year but that was mainly due to the bad weather, it was pissing down the hole day so a lot of people left the bikes home.
Look at the nice flame/tribal decal.
In the Ace cafe bar; Gill, Tiny, Aline & Me
Before leaving for Gent where Gill had to play a local bar with Motor City Angels we filled up on some local specialities.
Motor City Angels

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