Monday, 5 July 2010


Took the road on Friday afternoon in the blistering heat, first stop was Oostende my hometown to visits my folks, the next day bought myself a new camera so we are back in the picturetaking business and drove from Oostende to Koksijde passing by Oostduinkerke to visits my friend Steve'z skateshop ODK.
As I left Koksijde to Gent it started to rain, took shelter under a bridge till it stopped raining only to get completly drenched a few miles later by the time I arrived in Gent I was soaked and the shovel dicided to call it quits, again some minor electrical problem.
That got solved and arrived at Gill's place safe.
Spend the rest of the afternoon drinking beer eating pizza's and watching the world cup.
On Sunday Gill and I took the road to Antwerp where we met up with Bram and Rob to go to the Ace Cafe summer ride out.
We met up with the gasket blowers at the gasstation and we where of to the ace cafe, from there we rode to some small biker festival near Westerlo. About 20 bikes took the road.
From Westerlo we rode to the professor in Mechelen where Pascal was waiting had a few drinks there and then it was back to the Ace cafe for a last call.
Made it back home with no mayor problems.
Had and awesome time riding with my friends
On the road from Oostende to Koksijde

The Leopold 2 memorial in Nieuwport
My friend Steve'z skateshop, and he bought himself a sportster:
Let's do a ride and skate trip soon Steve. Click on pic for more info
Under the bridge
Arriving in Gent

Pizza, beer & Football
Beer fountain
Gill & I on the road to Antwerp

At my place
On the road to Rumst
Meeting up with the Gasket blowers
In front of Ace cafe

Good styling
Soiling mother earth
On the way to Mechelen

Dave and I
Reckless Tom
Pascal's awesome shovel
Tom, Bram & Rob
On the road to Ace cafe
Pascal & I on the way home

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  1. It was a nice day & i enjoyed the ride!!
    nice pics too!!!
    grtz Bouncer