Tuesday, 3 August 2010


This is where our roadtrip took us yesterday, we left from Cotignac - Fox-Amphoux-Montmeyan-Regusse-Baudinard sur Verdon-Bauduen-Aups-Cotignac.
We wanted to go and visit the Grand Canyon Du Verdom.
Instead we stopped just before at the Lake of Ste-Criox.Where we took a dive and a rest which is why we didn't make it to the Canyon.
The good thing is that the roads are almost deserted and there are almost no trafic lights just empty roads true beautifull landscapes.
On the road
The lake of Ste-Criox and the harbour of Bauduen
The little village you see in the distance is Ste-Croix
More of the lake

Local redneck place
On the road to Baudinard-sur-Verdon

At Montmeyan


Cimatery of Fox-Amphoux the old town which I think counts 50 residents
View over the region from Fox

Streets of Fox

We had a little bit of rain on the way
Near Bauduen remote place where we decended true the wood to find a remote piece of beach
At local terras of Bauduen with view on the lake

Me in the lake
Entering Aups where we visited the olive oil mill

At the mill where they still produce their oil old school, we it's the season the shop is dimanteled and they start the proceses on the machines you see in the shop which now serve as display and most of them are there since the family started this buisness way back in the olden days

Left there with a jar of 5 liters of olive oil where are good for a couple of years again


  1. mijn schoonouders wonen vlak bij lac st croix . . . had je wel mogen stoppen voor n aperitiefje !