Monday, 15 November 2010


Spend the weekend on the Brussels Tattoo Convention, where we had a little Eat Dust display.
Dropped of the bike on Friday evening, together with the Scrapers who had some of there rides on display.
Had a good time , didn't get any new ink although I should have looked better on Saturday because Turk from Left Hand Black was there and he does some great work. My bad damn.
Friday evening pizza fest

Eat Dust display
Angelo's Van got robbed on Friday night by some thieving scum so if some douchebag comes by and wants to sell you a bunch of Sinner Supply T'z punch the dude in the face. And get in touch with Angelo.
If you go to his site you'll see the designs :
Aline trying on everything Angelo had to offer at Sinner Supply.
El Cheapo doing some striping and lettering
The boy's from Harai Tattoo Gent
Tristan getting his neck done by White Trash Tattoo
Joey English, Joe Dynamite, and Jorre from Glory Bound Tattoo Antwerp
Dj Rudy spinning some records during the burlesque shows
Joey English's head done by Richy @ Glory Bound
Gypy from Kustom Ink
Turk from Left Hand Black
Thanks Gill for the T-shirt
Alain putting down some stripes
2 dudes got a back piece on each one 3 tattoo artist where working at the same time during the 2 day's of the convention from 12 in the afternoon till 19h in the evening total madness

Tiki Jurgen & Alain on their stand
Vinnie @ Vinnie Stones Tattoo
Angelo on my bike
Tristan & Angelica enjoying some fine food

Fasje getting some new ink can't remember the artist