Monday, 21 February 2011


On Thursday the Missus and I left for Hamburg to visit our friends The Vogels.
Steven & Nina run the Black Lodges Company which does a lot of different things.
Steven guided us on Friday true Hamburg and gave some insights on the history of the city.
Had a good time the only downside was the cold weather, will go back once the summers back.
Some random pic's from the 4 day's we where there.
The St.Pauli neighbourghood is the coolest place on earth.

Hamburg has some of the most famous clubs , where a lot of band first appared on scene.
In the 60 if you could prove you played this club you where almost certain to get a record deal.
Sabbath did it this way.

St.Pauli football stadion.
Went to have dinner in a real German restaurant
Schnitzel classic
Some more of the St.Pauli neighbourhood.
Oldest Tattoo studio in Germania

More of the St.Pauli stadion in the middle of the city center
A bar forgot which one

The club where the Beatles did there first gig.

No woman allowed on this street
A park that used to be a cemetery
A cash machine in St.Pauli
Nice little hair salon

Now that's what we call a bunker.

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  1. oh yeah ,st.pauli is the best football club in the world and the most beautiful place in hamburg..
    have you also visited the " Hafenbahnhof "
    Viva St.pauli
    ahoi from hamburg