Tuesday, 21 June 2011

BOTTROP 2011 Part 1

Bottrop was a Blast: made it back home bruised & Battered.
9 bikes took the road and all made it there, avoided the rain on the way there.
On friday Bombus & The U.S.Bombs put on a great show , it was good to see Duane back on top of his game, and for those who left on Saturday you all missed out on a great Daggers party!!!
Here are already some pic's more to come!!!!
Gus Trump
Le Beefs new ride

Sebastians Knuckel

Jokers ride out

Rob the BBQ Master
and winner for the second year in a row with the Iron
Jeremiah won with his Knuckel
The Daggers Party: total madness

Philip Dark Star & Me
Ivan head Dagger
The way back;

was harder then the way up!!!


  1. Nice to see you all had a great time;got me a " T" shirt from yo,aaall, were was the sweatshirt dude ! ah well to quote mr richards "you can,t always get what you want":Cu,.

  2. That LE BEEF bike is absolutely amazing !!! Wish I'd been there.