Tuesday, 13 March 2012


On Saturday there was the usual ride out to some drinking holes,
I've just made it in time at the starting point as I still had to put a new exhaust on the Rally which was a good move because after years of moving way to slow , this exhaust finally put's out some more horsepower that was well needed.
The ride out went well without to many incidents !
On Sunday there was the custom show , hat's off to Fatta & Tim for putting up the show.
Faeskes Lammy

The port of Antwerp

Place your bets

I think I know that guy

Fatta's picking up the parts as you drive scooters
Tim on his Slapshot Lammy
Some pic's of the Custom Show

Some real bikers showed up!!
The after party at the Moby Dick

Good times!


  1. that first series 2 is like the twin brother to my old one its exactly the same! i do have a soft spot for lammys! ive just bought another series 2 frame for a cut down, must finish the bobber first! Harley

  2. ta for the great pics of my pub, twas a nice weekender!