Thursday, 26 July 2012


The plan was to leave with a bunch of guy's on a 2 week road trip to Sweden for the Jokers Show and then to Bottrop .
I had to cut the trip short into one week as some shit wasn't ready on time at the dayjob, others had to cancel due to bikes not ready ; good thing I have the FXDX.
So in the end Jakke, Hank, Michael, Bo, Willy , Jerry and me took the road on monday direction Kiel.
Plan was to cover as much KM on the first day as possible and with the weather condition we had it was a real pleasure being on the road.

First stop and Jakke made us some Egg&Bacon sandwitches

Jakkes Shovel

                                               Meet up with the Scrappers along the way

Jerry's sweet ride

Bo, Willy & Hank


Me & Michael

Bo on the Swingarm Pan

What the Hell!!

On the Road

The Crew

Found a nice Hotel just before Hamburg

Beer & Schnitsel time

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