Wednesday, 11 November 2009


The show was very disapointing I thought, apart from 5 or 6 decent bikes there where a shitload of fat tyre ugly ass bikes but more of those on the Coontail blog and as I started to take pic of these monstrosities I had to stop at one point because otherwise my memory card would blow up.
On a positieve side El Cheapo was there and the Scrapers had a little stand of there own , and it was a good thing to see Krugger his bikes in real life.

Trike which has been in various mags this past few months

I think I liked this own took a few pic of this little beauty

Nice flatty

In progress from the Iron Pit these guy's make some decent bikes
The Scrapers
Bo's Panhead
New work by El Cheapo

Angelo's Triumph
Sven's Shovel with new tank on it like it!!!
Ward's Triumph
The Krugger bikes not always my taste but very well done

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