Sunday, 15 November 2009

ROADTRIP 1: The Goatriders Horde

Rob & I took a little roadtrip on saturday to visit some bikeshops
First was Jac's custom cycles in Lommel,he has some amazing bike's up on display and lots of other goodies.
Jac's can be found at the following address: Buitensingel 8 3920 Lommel

Bought a sporty front fork second hand for the shovel.
Next up was the Ironpit: we had seen some great bikes in some mag that this guy done.
When we got there the owner was a old friend of Rob,very nice guy not at all thick headed.
Left my front fork there so it could be stripped of all exces metal.
This guy can make anything you dream of for your bike so go and support this garage.
The Ironpit can be found at Buitendijk 6A 5705 CD Helmond.

Last one was HD Hutten also a non official HD shop, they have a nice selection of second hand bikes, they are very good with shovel engines.Not that cheap but top quality workmanship.
HD Hutten can be found at Esbeekseweg 10A 5085 EB Esbeek.

After all that we when to The Bockenreyder in english it means the Goatridders!!
to have some trappiest and local food.This has been a bar for over 75 years and is still intact.
To be found here Dunsedijk 3 5085 ND Esbeek

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