Monday, 7 June 2010


Made it back from Bottrop in one piece yesterday and managed to avoid the rain.
Had a great time the weather was awesome met a lot of good people
We set of on friday around 6pm with a party of 4 bikes
Rob on his Iron, Clark on the sportster, Bram on his Bmw and me on the shovel.
After a couple of miles my electricity started to act wierd, as we stopped to fix this we noticed that Robs iron was pissing oil, the chain had ripped the oiltank.
So one bike was down, we left Clark at the truckstop with the iron and Rob was of to Eindhoven to get a pick up van ,and Bram and I continued our journey a few miles later I've noticed that my handelbars where coming loose so another stop to tighten the bolts but the threat was ripped, by that time Rob was on his way with the van , collected the iron and came to pic up my bike we unloaded the sportster pushed my bike in the van and Bram and I continued on the bike while Rob and Clack followed up in the van.
We finally arrived on the campside by 1,30am.
Bux preparing breakfast

Le Beef customs

Arie & Mathias triumph's

Our neighbours


Bram's BMW

Rob chilling in the shade
Clark & my brother
Me on Bux's bike
Gill trying to get some shut eye
The damage
The lot

Gill & Rob's Iron
Rob's iron Dice bike winner
This bike belongs to one of the Daggers guy's dad it's still in original 70 state
Julian & Me

Some of the cars that took part in the race

Thanks Bram for the pic's
More pics coming soon

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  1. Nice metting and interesting journey!! Great post!