Thursday, 27 January 2011


My granddad found these back in his attic and brought them over , happy to see these back and that I didn't chuck them in the bin years ago.
2 Ed Templeton's on New Deal, one is autographed with drawing this is when Templeton came over to the Leffinge skatepark for a demo can't remember the year.

Fred Smith on ALVA
Mike Vallely on World Industries
Steve Saiz on Powell & Peralta (creative with griptape)
Was kinda sponsord by local skate shop Skate Star then.


  1. 1977 made my own deck & wheels from my sisters rollerskates,so no turns available.It was dangerous and fun,down hill flat out towards a steel mill with open door,s and furnace (I kid you not).It,s then i required my absolute no fear of speed, what a twat:-),nothing,s changed much i don,t skate any more,nearly 50 for christ,s sake but i still let rip on me bike ahhh fond memories thank you for that.

  2. Love the DRI stencil on the griptape ! Sick boards. They'll look great in the garage.

  3. check this, rise and fall of leffinge: