Friday, 18 March 2011


A few month ago Gill & his Missus moved into there new house.And the best thing is that gill now has his own garage.
So last week Friday we all drove down to Herzelle to see what he did to the place.
Had a good evening in the company of friends drinking beers and talking about bikes, life can be simple and good sometimes.
Also Christian from Blitzkrieg Machines was back in his homeland and showed up; was good seeing you bro , see ya soon in Hossegore if our bikes make it out there.
Daniel, Anja, Gill, Pascal, Bjorn, Jan & Andy
Pascal(looking sharp in his Eat Dust jacket) next to Gill's improved Iron (which I think is still up for sale)
Pascal ,Ken , Anja & Andy
Oli (Stormtrooper) & Jelle Reapers Machines and belgian Blitzkrieg member

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