Friday, 18 March 2011


These lovely struts where made by Dodge Dave for Jelle's Iron unfortunatly they don't fit his bike, on the other hand they look the part on my shovel, the bike now hangs 3cm lower than before.
I still have to do something about the pipes put on the new tiers and will drive it around like this for the summer.
Thanks Jelle!!!!

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  1. Hi, i suppose you have put on the new TYRE,S by the picture any way , like the rear strut thang BUT with me back can not do it!.With the pipe,s i would go for less noise (it,s overated any way ) and after two day,s motorway yer as deaf as a doornail))) short cut with baffles ,i hate the cop,s but you have to live with the bike (Just saying))..Oh and see yer on the road.