Monday, 11 April 2011


Speedfest was a B'last.
Me and the missus left on Thursday evening, so on Friday we could walk around town together with Rob to see if we could find a shop how would be good to distribute our product , and man where we lucky a new shop was just opened by Sergio and it's killer but more on that on the Eat Dust blog.
We also passed by Daan's tattoo shop in the city center , Daan moved to Barcelona about 7 or 8 years ago and set up a sweet little shop up there.
Fas and his wife where also there for the weekend and got some new ink.
On Saturday we drove down to Castellar del Valles , the show only started a 16h so we drove around in the hills and bumped into the orginanizers whom we had seen the day before with Matt & Dean (Dice mag) and they invited us to grab a bite with some of the guests ,
Mattias ( Le Beef Kustom Metal Work) & his wife, Matt & Dean (dice mag), Rico ( The Wild Mag & Zombie Run), David ( Zombie Run & Tattoo & Bike builder), Dom (Chopper Syndicate).
Some good food was consumed and we where of to the venue, once there our German friends Lutz( Chopper Nation) & Hagen (Madeira Drive) had also joined the party.
We all moved out of the venue to go to a field a bit further up the road for the party, spend more time talking to everyone than actually checking out the band which weren't that good anyway.Can't remember at what time we left all I know is that we where one of the last ones to leave.
Sunday was spend meeting new people and talking some more rubbish wild the old faces.

On the roof top of the Hotel
Radom shot in Barcelona
Daan's studio: Torrent de l'Olla 44 Gracia

Daan & Faske
More random shots
Rob & Aline on the bike
The shop that will stock Eat Dust
Random shots
After a day of labor at the beach
Rob took us to this fantastic tapa's bar
Me & The Missus
Old School menue
Bar in Castellar Del Valles
The French chopper maffia: David, Dom & Rico
Rob , Matt & Dean
View from the restaurant
The SpeedFest car
Inside the venue
The cars

Back flip
Wise words on Rico's arm
On the field

This will be Dean's new MC
Rob with some of his old work
Rico suave
On Sunday

here you can see how hot it was

The guy's from siemprelocobcn
The french connection: Dani Zombie(Fuckster la Rage), Me,Dom (choppers syndicate),Rico ( the Wild mag) & Ivan.
Dani and Rico are the brains behind the Zombie Run, this is not your HOG ride to the dealer and get a free coffee and croissant type of thing.
Dani with the dice boy's he won best Best Bike with his new Moonrocket

In front of the hotel

Thanks to Dani & Rico , Mattias, Matt & Dean and dom for these awesome gifts


  1. Looked like a whole lotta fun !

  2. Wish I'd been there this year !