Monday, 4 April 2011


This Saturday we set out to the Speedseekers Open Garage day. Good thing that Rob owns a Iron and a Sportster because the shovel is still missing a few limbs.
Set of with 4, Tommeke Bluts, Hank (Ironbrothers), Rob & I.

Hank arriving
Gas Stop
First breakdown after 1Km, Rob's Iron chews up spark plugs every 50KM
On the Road
We where joined by Scrapper Kingpin Angelo on his Trump halfway down the road
Hank, Angelo, Rod & Tom

Second stop Rob's Iron is also a gas guzzler, and 2 liters is not enough to get the bike running again.

Made it to Brugge's in another record time of 3h not bad for a 70 km trip!!!!
Kurt's Duster

Outside the garage,


The crowd
Pete's car
Mr Speedseeker & Angelo
Smooth ride on the way back for the Harley's and this time we took 5 liters of extra gas, at the refill stop Angelo's Trump was diagnosed with some electrical hickup's got things sorted and we where on our merry way

Anyhow had a good day riding with friends ,
Thanks to Chris, Pete & Gauthier for their hospitality .