Sunday, 17 October 2010


Went to London for work last week, went to the Frieze Art Fair on Wednesday , and strolled around town on Thursday & Friday.
Saw some really cool artworks there some of my favorits are posted down here more will be up on the Eat Dust Blog
Went to say hello to Ian at the Garbstore (Ian will also stock our Eat Dust Denim Collection) on Thursday afternoon bought a lovely mexican blanket style scarf there , would have bought a lot more if my buget would allow it but unfortunately it doesn't.
On Thursday evening there was the opening of the new Denham store on Charlot Road, good times ,saw some good folk there had a few drinks and was of to the other part of town to have dinner with Ian at the Crazy Hommies a mexican joint.
Had Indian food on brick lane , passed by Son Of A Stag (whom will also stock our Eat Dust Denim Collection)
Then it was of to Covent Garden to the Vintage Showroom and by then it was time to get back to the station to catch my train.
As soon as I got back to Antwerp rushed over to the Trix for the RockaBilly Psychosis but more on that in the next post
Good times!!!
On the train
Nice point cover somewhere near Portobello Road
Record wall Portobello Road
Wierdo on the tube
Indian food in Brick Lane
Traditional food in English pub
Sign painter
Denham Store opening on Charlot Road
Scarf from the Garbstore
Naoto Kawahara
This was my favorit painting by Jonas Burgert
Closeup from the madness
Sterling's new works where awesome liked all the metal sculptures, they made me think of wapons
Mark Ryden
Tomas Houseago
The Chapman's

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