Tuesday, 19 October 2010


After I got back from London I rushed my ass over to the Trix's for the first evening of the Rockabilly Psychosis where I still caught the last few songs of the Quakes.
We had some of our friends from Rennes over who stayed at our place for the weekend, so Saturday was spend wondering about town.
Went with them to the Arme Duivel (Poor Devil) very small food joint where they serve mostly belgian dishes, we all had beef stuw with fries then it was of to the Trix's again for the second night of the festival, we arrived a bit late and missed Long Tall Texans, pitty.
King Kurt wrecked a party.
And I had to take Jens to the hospital after his encounter with some fists and boot's
A few stitches and he was back after the turntables to keep the afterparty going.
The Quakes
The after party on Friday

Popo and Atchoum from Rennes
Redtop Family
Elmer & me
Atchoum & Me
Jens being stitched up forgot to take pic's before & after
King Kurt
It was a good weekend which was finished of on Sunday evening with a concert of the Grinderman, thanks for the tickets Baron
The liver Need some rest now!
PS: Sorry I didn't make it to your party Hank

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