Monday, 4 October 2010


Yesterday was a good day, the weathergod's where kind and provided a day with sun.
A few of us decided to take the road.Tom & I left from Antwerp to Aalst to meet up at Jan's garage with the Gent crew present where Gill, Pascal, Andy, David & Malaika.From Aalst we drove to Bonheide to check out a concert at Cafe Bromfiets passing by Mechelen where we did a little stop at the Proffesor.
Alway good to be on the road with friends
The Shovel before leaving
On the road

In front of Jan's garage,

The sportster Jan & Bjorn are building: Tom,Pascal,Bjorn,David & Andy

Pascal on the road
This ones for you Col.Silvertop
On the road: Gill,Pascal,Malaika & David
In front of the Bromfiets
Malaika on her shovel