Wednesday, 22 September 2010


As this was one of those rare days that the sun was out Rob and I quit work early and went for a little ride for a 1,30h.
It was good to be on the road with my Eat Dust brother.
We where just back in time for my garage night.
On the road

In the konijnenpijp (rabbithole tunnel)
First one to arrive was Tom
My brothers trump with his new handelbars
In front of the house

Gill was so kind to let me & Bram take a spin on the Buell, it killed :love that damm bike.
Thanks brother
Olie, me, Gill, Biorn & Hank
Hanks Iron
Rob's iron and my shovel
The line up
The Iron Brothers Bram & Hank taking off

No work was done we just all hung out in front of the house sharing stories and drinking beers.
Another great night thanks to all for showing up, hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.


  1. Sorry I couldn't make it!
    Hou woensdag 27 oktober vrij (savonds), dan doen wij iets hier in onze garage in Brugge!