Monday, 6 September 2010


We left from my place at 2pm, I still with the car as the hand is still in a cast.
Finaly the weathergods where smiling down on us.
The party :2 sportsters , 2 irons, 1 guzzi & 1 VW fastback
Smooth ride only one stop needed for Col. Silvertops Iron.
Upon arrival the place was already packed, this thing is outgrouwing itself: lines to enter ,lines to buy tokens, lines to order drinks.
And people at the entrance who have no clue of what's cool and what not which resulted in more cool bikes outside the parking lot and baggers, viragos and shadows on the showgrounds.
On the way : Col Silvertop (aka Diesel Boy), My brother on Robs sportsters since his Trump was ill,Bram & Jean and Tommeke Bluts

My brother

After 50 km first stop spark plug problems on Rob's Iron
Pascal arriving on the shovel
Hank after surgery

What happend after these pic's is how Col.Silvertop got his new name: Diesel Boy.
We won't go into details but it resulted in soiling the earth!

This is what happens when a engine runs on diesel
Jan on his sportster

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