Monday, 27 September 2010


Set of around 11am towards Brussels and just as I left it started to rain and it didn't stop till I arrived at the Boelekewis the rendez vous point as I step of my scooter drenched the sun came true.
I had feared a very small turn out with this kind of weather but we left for the ride out with a good 100 scooters not bad.
The run takes us true the region of Pajottenland with 4 stops at typical bars where they serve the Gueuze and Lambic.
Lucky enough it always started raining as soon as we arrived at a bar, and stopped when we rode to the next one.
Overall it was a good ride out and I can recommend it to all.
The Rally
Some of the scooters
Nice 80 scooterboy cut down Lammy

The MOD scooter

On the road: Stijn aka Teddy KGB
Greg & Stijn

First stop ; the thing with these bars is that they don't have a beer tap everything is served from bottles or from the keg
The interiours are still they way they where
The white can is used to serve the Lambic
Greg seen from a different angle
Second stop

On the road
3 th stop

Toilet's are still as we say on the Koer

4th Stop

Last stop
Gerg's neck Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

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