Monday, 27 September 2010


The plan on Sunday was to ride up to The Snax's which is a retro snackbar owend by Kenny (who is a member of this fine club) where the Gasket Blowers invited us for a breakfast THANKS GUY'S and then to Leuven to the onder de brug Cafe racer meeting, as the rain was pissing down again we (Col Silvertop, Newky Paul, Aline & Me) took the car to Elewijt (near Mechelen) to meet up with them, upon arrival we where not the only ones who took the car only Dave and Tom where brave enough to ride true this crappy ass weather.
Dave aka Rusty took out the XS for the first time and I must say he did a damn fine job on that bike.

And hats of to Alain for another fine paint& lettering job

The crowd onder de burg
The Bikes:HRD Vincent

Same bike as my brothers but than in original condition
The Triton

The Nortons

The Duc's

The BMW's



The Laverda's

Dave winning best Road Blower
Road Blower won by a Gasket Blower
Dave with on his left the welder and on the right Mystic Al
Aline with the Stella brewery in the background
The crowd: Newky Paul, Pascal, Col.Silvertop,Tom and Tom
Gill, Tiny and Aline
The Beer
Newky Paul, Pascal , Col Silvertop & Andy Bouncer
Col.Silvertop and Newky Paul
After the meeting some of us went back to the Snaxs to taste some of the burgers Kenny is making.And I must say they serve some tasty burgers in that joint.
I had the Big Farmer I think and it's like having breakfast,lunch & dinner all at once.
The place is well worth your visit!

A beefbuger,omlet and chickenburger

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